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Technegas® was introduced to the medical community in 1986

64 countries

Technegas® revenues are generated in over 64 countries via a combination of direct and distributor sales models

4.7 million

Over 4.7 million patient procedures have been delivered to date

Delivering on our key growth objectives


Grow Technegas Sales 2022 sales revenue was $22.88 million – an increase of 32%


Expand the Use of Technegas There are currently 6 Cyclopharm sponsored Beyond PE clinical trials


Leverage core strengths to continue to accelerate our third-party distribution business


Identify, develop and commercialise complementary innovative technology

The future is now! Clinical trial program Commenced 2016 1 KOL Engagement Detailing directly to Australian Respiratory Physicians 2 Infrastructure Development 8 Offices directly servicing 18 out of the 64 countries globally where Technegas is available. On 31 March 2023, CYC finalised the acquisition of DuPharma based in Copenhagen, Denmark. 3 Education Disseminating clinical information to both nuclear and respiratory medicine practitioners 4 Three value horizon Horizon 1 0 to 5 Years Establish USA $14m AUDtoday ENTERPRISE VALUE Horizon 2 3 to 8 yearsConvert CTPA in PE Diagnosis $72m USD* $90m USD* Horizon 3 >8 Years to Reach Potential Innovate Beyond PE Globally1/2 Billion combined sufferers of Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease globally $900mUSD ** USA Revenue Estimates ** *Revenue projections based on internal company analysis

Key catalysts for the next 2 years

FDA Approval for Technegas Announces first sales in the USA Ongoing updates Clinical proof of concept and validation expected late 2023 (shortly after approval) on Generators placed in US in new substantive respiratory indications 2023 JUN JUN JUL JUL AUG AUG SEP SEP OCT OCT NOV NOV DEC DEC 2024 JAN 2025 JAN FEB FEB MAR MAR APR APR MAY

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