Technegas® in the fight against COVID-19

What the guidelines say:

European Journal of Nuclear Medicine states:

“Technegas® is in widespread use in Australia and offers a number of clear advantages in the COVID19 patient. The ventilation procedure is faster, reducing time and improving compliance which in turn decreases the risk of room and staff contamination. The apparatus is single-use without recirculation and so poses no risk between patients.” (Resource: )

The French Society of Nuclear Medicine (SFMN) COVID19 guidance endorsed by both the Belgian, German and Canadian nuclear medicine associations state:

Technegas® has been used worldwide for several decades. No events of viral cross-contamination or other illness associated with the inhalation system have been reported to date. The risk of cross-contamination of COVID-19 associated with the use of the inhalation system, therefore, appears to be extremely low. [View Resource]

Company Statements:

Cyclomedica statement regarding Aerosol Generating Procedures
Cyclomedica Corporate Statement regarding the use of Technegas® during the COVID 19 pandemic

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